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Moonee Ponds Osteopathic Clinic

How can Moonee Ponds Osteopathy help YOU?
If you are see one of our professional Osteopath. Osteopathy provide safe, gentle and effective relief from pain and injury via a holistic approach to manual medicine. Because of this, it is an appropriate form of treatment for the whole family.

Moonee Ponds Osteopathy use a holistic system of manual health care that aims to determine the root cause of problems as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. The techniques can range from heavy manipulation (ie. 'joint clicking') to extremely subtle and gentle techniques. For that reason it is an ideal form of treatment for patients ranging from infants to the elderly.

The human body operates in much the same way as a machine, with all parts interrelated, and with structure being closely related to function. Further to this and extending the machine analogy further, damage to one part can have adverse effects on other systems or organs.

Underlying this theory is our belief that the human body has all of the necessary elements to attain, and maintain, optimal health, and an in-built repair system that enables us to recover from injury and disease.

As with any system in the body, this in-built repair system functions best when the machine is functionally sound. By using clinically developed techniques, that promote sufficient blood flow, osteopaths help maintain optimal function of the internal organs, which in turn promotes and maintains the body's balanced production of natural chemicals.

As part of the holistic, or 'whole person', approach to optimal health, osteopaths also consider the roles of appropriate exercise programs, a healthy diet and nutrition, and emotional well being (through techniques such as stress reduction exercises and strategies) as important factors in your treatment.

In a nutshell, the aim of Moonee Ponds Osteopathic Clinic is to restore the individual's natural abilities to heal, by using a combination of biomechanics, lifestyle improvements, and healthy nutrition.

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